Vision, Mission, & Values

What makes Hidden Life Ministries tick!

Our Vision


We embrace a sovereign Abba, Father who is an infinitely good and lovely God, and Who also desires to be our Friend!  How astonishing it is to experience the beauty of  everlasting life NOW as our lives are hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians. 3:1-3).  The value of a life hidden with Christ is above all we can ask or think– because “in Christ are hidden all of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge(Colossians 2:3).   Because of God’s grace, our deepest desires as a human being for significance, security and belonging, are satisfied . . . even as we experience union with God through Christ Jesus (Colossians 2:9-10). We are able to enjoy the radiant beauty of His presence that overflows with desire to declare His Glorious Presence to the world!


Our Mission

img_1650OUR MISSION is to encourage others to receive and enjoy the rich, inner life that flows from God–Who empowers the soul by the work of His Spirit . . . and overflows through us love and compassion for the world.  We regularly welcome Christ Jesus to make His home in our hearts, as we surrender in trust to Him more and more.  As our roots go down deep into the Father’s astonishing love, we are able to join Him in His work in the world, according to our particular gifts and callings . . . by the power of the Holy Spirit.  His mission is our mission, His plan is our plan, and we desire to follow step by step according to the perfect wisdom of His organic and constantly unfolding plan.


Our Values

forgiveness-goodsalt-lwjas0139OUR VALUES center on what gives God delight–as stated by Brennan Manning: “I firmly believe that the splendor of a human heart that trusts it is unconditionally loved gives God more delight than the most magnificent Cathedral ever erected or the most thunderous organ ever played.”  In the parable of the prodigal son, Jesus shows us our heavenly Father who runs with complete joy and abandon towards a wayward son.  Though the grown child returns home with deep shame for wasting all the goodness of his inheritance, the merciful Father speaks only of relief, belonging and longing to restore the exhausted and haggard child  (Luke 15:11-32).  DIVINE LOVE is like that.  To the human heart, God’s actions seem almost irrational.  Yet, God our Father loves extravagantly and out of that love flows extravagant resources even for “ragamuffins” such as us  (Ephesians 3: 14-19).